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lotus maculatus - Fire Plant-

Fantastic plant for hanging baskets , window boxes and tall pots. Supplied in 1 ltr pots.
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Product Details

Plant Description

An amazing trailing plant with finely cut blue - green foliage and with the most amazing flowers which look like flickering flames or lobster claws! Flowers from May for a good 4 weeks or more.

Where to Plant

Looks great in hanging baskets , window boxes and tall planters. It can also be planted in the border where it will make a good ground cover plant for summer colour. Likes sun, well-drained soil. Likes to be kept moist in the summer.

Plant Care

The plant is original from Tenerife so will need to be kept indoors in the winter, treat as a house plant, place on a sunny windowsill or in a cool greenhouse/ conservatory, moderate watering through winter as the plant will be dormant, keep the compost slightly damp).

In the autumn if the plant becomes a bit untidy and too large to take indoors cut it back hard, it can be cut back with only 6 inches left or what ever you feel is appropriate. New fresh shoots will appear in the spring and the plant will look good again. Bring outdoors when there is no fear of frost from May onwards. Best to re-plant in fresh compost each year with some slow-release fertiliser (use good quality multi -purpose compost,) keep the plant moist in summer at all times, if it is left to dry out for too long the leaves will start to drop.

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