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The gardens have been featured on the BBC Gardeners’ World programme, the Daily Telegraph’s Top 10 Spring Gardens, Great British Gardens and the Gardens to visit guide.  They have been developed over 20 years by the Overland family and were created from a wetland area, around a tranquil pool in a sheltered valley, on the edge of Delamere Forest. In this tranquil spot, amid low hills and mature trees, can be found a wealth of planted areas, meandering streams and a constantly flowing, spring-fed fountain.

Map of Stonyford Cottage Garden

Map of Stonyford Cottage Gardens

This is an informal garden, where shade and moisture loving plants, including Primulas, Astilbes and Hostas grow amongst natural wooded areas. Paths lead the visitor over two bridges, to an unusual island, where groups of Alder and Willow grow through the water, reminiscent of the Everglades. At the poolside, trees include the Swamp Cypress and Dawn Redwood.

The gardens are well maintained and the plants all have name plates. Hostas, ferns, marsh marigolds and many other plants line the pathways and bronze statues peep out of the vegetation. There are bronze fairies and cheeky little pixies hiding among the vegetation; children will love hunting for them and also visiting the bantams.

The beautiful views across the pool to the cottage gardens lead the eye over waterside Iris, giant Marsh Marigolds and borders of summer flowering perennials, set around some rarer trees and shrubs.

As the gardens evolve, we are always adding new plantings which inspire the visitor with ideas for their own gardens.

As well as providing pleasure and interest the gardens also serve as a display area for the nursery. Here are many poolside, moisture loving plants and other interesting specimens. Plant enthusiasts will find many interesting perennials and other exotic and unusual species.

The gardens are also a haven for wildlife, including Kingfishers, Ducks, unusual butterflies, as well as many species of water birds. We are also blessed by the annual arrival of a pair of swans in spring, who return each year to rear their cygnets.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always at hand to give advice and useful tips.

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History & Background of Stonyford Cottage Gardens

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