Stonyford Cottage Gardens

About Us 


Stonyford Cottage Gardens is a hidden gem set on the edge of Delamere Forest, in a sheltered valley surrounded by mature trees and low hills. This tranquil spot is home to a stunning woodland garden, created and further developed over the last 30 years by Tony Overland and his family.

Our gardens have gained national recognition, having been featured on the BBC Gardeners’ World programme, the Daily Telegraph’s Top 10 Spring Gardens, Great British Gardens, and the Gardens to Visit guide. Visitors can explore a wealth of planted areas, meandering streams, and a constantly flowing, spring-fed fountain.

This is an informal garden, where shade and moisture-loving plants, including Primulas, Astilbes, and Hostas, grow amongst natural wooded areas. Paths lead visitors over two bridges to an unusual island, where groups of Alder and Willow grow through the water, reminiscent of the Everglades. At the poolside, trees include the Swamp Cypress and Dawn Redwood.

Set around a large pool, this Monet-style landscape has a wealth of moisture-loving plants, including iris and candelabra primulas. Drier areas feature unusual perennials and rarer trees and shrubs. The newly planted woodland walk gives, hitherto unseen, vistas across the pool to the cottage gardens.

Our gardens are perfect for mindfulness, artists, and keen photographers, as they are abundant with nature and wildlife. Swans return year after year and build their nest on an island within the pond areas.

We welcome visitors of all ages, and garden entry is only £5, with under 16’s free. For those who want to visit us frequently, our season pass is available for only £12 and includes 10% off plant purchases. The pass is valid from 1st April to 18th October 2023.

For groups of eight or more, we offer fully guided tours by the owners, available for only £7 per person. Our guided tours provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the garden’s history and its many plant species.

Come and experience the beauty of Stonyford Cottage Gardens for yourself. Our stunning woodland garden is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. We look forward to welcoming you!

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The beautiful views across the pool to the cottage gardens lead the eye over waterside Iris, giant Marsh Marigolds and borders of summer flowering perennials, set around some rarer trees and shrubs. As the gardens evolve, we are always adding new plants and design features which inspire the visitor with ideas for their own gardens.


As well as providing endless peace, pleasure and interest, the gardens also serve as a display area for the nursery, as you can discover many poolside, moisture loving plants and other interesting specimens in their natural surroundings, as they would look in your garden. Plant enthusiasts will find many interesting perennials and other unique, exotic species, and find inspiration for different garden design features to incorporate themselves.


The gardens are also a haven for wildlife, including Kingfishers, Ducks, unusual butterflies, and many species of water birds. We are also blessed by the annual visit of a pair of swans in spring, who return each year to rear their cygnets and explore the lake.


Friendly and knowledgeable staff are always at hand to give advice and useful tips.